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Force Your Web Site Visitors To Build An Unlimited Number Of Niche Targeted Content Websites For You, On Your Command!
The Amazing Content Multiplier Concept Of Content Chain Gang Produces REAL, Unique & Valuable Content While You Sip Margaritas On The Beach!

Are You Ready For An Easy Way To Create Tons Of Hot Niche Targeted Content Web Sites?
Have you been listening to all of the Gurus out there that tell you that you need to write tons of content and its getting you no where?

Would you like to learn what the guru's are actually doing themselves to make a killing month in and month out without writing?

They have other people do the work for them! We call this visitor leverage...

If you answered yes to either of the above questions you are in the right place at the right time.

You are about to learn how to have other people do yourcontent creation for you free of charge!

Welcome to what could be the most important letter that you've ever read when it comes to content creation on the Internet.

We've all read the eBooks and listened to the audios from gurus who say that you have to create tons of content if you want any chance of having a high traffic, high profit website.

But who has the time to create hundreds or even thousands of pages of content in multiple different niches?

Most people just don't have the time to commit to writing that much content and for good reason, writing is laborious hard work.

It's just not a realistic expectation for everyone to b able to churn out content like that of a prolific author.

But the gurus do have it right to some extent...

Without Unique Content, Your Website Doesn't Stand A Chance Of Getting Any Real Traffic...

As I'm sure you're aware, the Internet is run by content sites.

99 of all the traffic available online goes to websites that offer unique content that just can't be had anywhere else.

It only makes sense that if you want to get a ton of traffic (and sales as a result) that you are going to need unique content and lots of it.

Unique content will please the people hat come to your websites which will please the search engines thereby increasing your search engine rankings.

If you don't have any unique content on your website or very little, you better have a big ad budget to spend on pay per click advertising because search engines don't give favor to websites that don't have tons of content.

But having unique content alone isn't enough..

You Need Fresh, Updating Content To Keep Visitors Coming Back And Search Engine Spiders Interested!

What most people don't know is that having unique content on your website just isn't enough to keep consistent traffic coming to your website.

Sure, when you put up a bunch of fresh content you will get traffic but after a while, the search engines will start to take notice if you don't have any updates to your website.

The main reason for this is that the search engines want to bring their searchers the freshest, up to day content available.

This means that if they can find a page that has similar content that was updated yesterday and your page hast been updated in a month or two, chances are the ranking is going to go to the new page.

This probably has your head spinning and I can hear you saying "How am I not only going to create a bunch of unique content but update it on a regular basis?" and that's a great question and the solution is right in front of you...

Make Your Visitors Create Unique & Fresh Content For Your Website Automatically For Free With The Content Chain Gang System!

Exploit Your Visitors To Build Your Content Site For You!

Eliminate The Stress Of Continually Having To Churn Out Content

A "Set It And Forget It" System That Automatically Updates Your Content For Life!

Create A Content Site Empire On Autopilot!

Content Chain Gang Eliminates Your Content Worries For Good!
Just by putting the "Content Chain Gang" system into place you can completely eliminate your content creation worries.

Instead of having to create tons of content, you can create an absolute "minimum" of content and let you visitors take over and do the rest of the work.

Don't you deserve the time that comes from not having to sit in front of a computer for days or weeks on end drumming up new content?

Sure you do!

Content Chain Gang will empower you with the ability to create a hot, information packed website that the search engines love to send traffic to and that visitors love spending time at!

That means tons of traffic for your site and even more content!

Wouldn't You Like To Have A Super Busy Content Site With Little To No Content Creation?

This All Sounds Great But Can "I" Really Understand This And Create A Traffic Jammed Website?

The answer is Absolutely, YES!

There's no doubt that you can use the Content Chain Gang system to exploit the people coming to your website for content.

If you can use an HTML editor, you have everything this incredible system.

The Content Chain Gang Software makes leveraging a minimum of content into huge content pages extremely easy.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist or computer programmer to understand how to use this power full tool on your website.

When creating this powerful system we had you, the end user in mind. We realize that you need something that's not only powerful in creating content automatically but you need something that's also extremely easy to use.

We strived to give you something drop dead simple to use and we hit that nail right on the head so you can expect to pick this up easily.

What Hot Features Are Included With
The Content Chain Gang System?

Here's just some of what you'll be getting...

Super Easy To Use System - As I stated earlier, the Content Chain Gang software is so easy to use that even a 6th grader could manage it with no problems. You don't need to worry about this being complicated at all!

Automatic Content Creation On The Fly - The Content Chain Gang system will allow you to extract content out of your visitor and add it to your web pages on the fly! This means your pages grow while you vacation and sleep!

Content Expansion You've Only Dreamed Of - After putting the software to use on just one page you will notice that this page starts to expand with user extracted content that grows your content and draws in more search engine traffic!

Simple "Copy & Paste To Use" Setup - If you can open an HTML editor and copy & paste, you have all of the skills that you need to put the Content Chain Gang system into action. It's a true pleasure and a breeze to use.

Super Stable Operation & Display - The software has been coded b top professionals in PHP programming so you can rest assured that it's going to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

Robust Moderation Facility - If you want to moderated the content that you extract from your users, you can through the robust and easy to use Moderation Facility that's included in the system.

The Value Is Unreal...
Here's just some of what you'll be getting...

Simple As Clicking Setup - As we talked about earlier, you can expect the installation to be a breeze and when you see how easy it really is, you'll probably laugh. This install doesn't require you to be a computer scientist.

True Set It & Forget It Technology - You never have to worry about support or maintenance & technical nightmares with the Web 2.0 Content Site Builder. Once you set it up and it starts getting some traffic it will build itself all automatically!

The Possibilities Are Endless - You can create your own Press Release Submission site, your own blog submission site (Web 2.0 to the extreme!), your own use car parts classifieds site, your own article directory. All of these are just a few of the thousands upon thousands of options you could start with this simple, yet incredibly powerful software!

Fully Customizable Categories - As you saw in the preview feature, the possibilities are endless. You have the ability to fully customize the categories of your site so that the site reflects the exact image that you want. You can add, delete, edit or change any category that you want at any time easily!

Account FREE IP Based Technology (Exclusive) - This technology was very important to me and is something I haven't seen ANYONE else offer. Your site doesn't' require anyone to have an account yet it still protects the site from spam! It tracks a users actions by IP and uses that as their identification! No accounts to create or databases to fill up with account data that costs you extra money. No lost passwords! This is truly a dream!

Fast Loading, Stable As Steele Backend - The software loads so fast that you may wonder how it's so possible. Your site will load like a turbo jet booming through the sky. This is through new web technology that allows us to get your content served faster!

As you can see, this software is absolutely jam packed with a ton of great features and takes content creation to a whole new level.

I mean, where else can you find a tool that REALLY grows your content and assures that it's 100 unique?

The simple answer is, absolutely no where!

You can put up a website, forget about it and it will continue to grow even if you never put up another piece of content after the first day. Your visitors provide the content for you!

There is not solution like this on the Internet and it's the secret weapon that people like me use to pad up their sites with tons of hot content.

The best part is that you can get your hands on this incredible software for the incredibly low price of just $47. I'm sure that you see the huge bargain being handed to you right now...

You can get your hands on it instantly via download. Simply click on the order button

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